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3 Threats to Your Crawl Space That You May Not Be Aware Of

3 Threats to Your Crawl Space That You May Not Be Aware Of

3 Threats to Your Crawl Space That You May Not Be Aware Of
Crawl house homes area unit common in Nashville and then area unit the issues touching them. Here area unit three of the foremost common dangers operating against your crawl house home.

Mold & Allergens – Wet, untreated crawl areas will quickly become home to mildew and allergens that creep into the living areas of your home. to stop or remedy this downside, contemplate crawl space encapsulation & dehumidifier.

Water Intrusion – Unsealed crawl house home with poor-or-no emptying will hold excess water, making the proper setting for mildew, pests and structural decay. to stop or remedy this, contemplate crawl house waterproofing and sump pumps.

Structural injury – The wet, musty wood supporting your home will weaken over time, resulting in droopy floors and alternative serious foundation issues. To remedy this, contemplate putting in SoDry Support Jacks.

Concerned regarding your crawl space? Schedule a Free analysis for peace of mind. Don’t let minor crawl house issues stop you from enjoying your home. Keep your home dry, clean and delightful with facilitate from the specialists here at Crawl Space Makeover.

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Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis is the founder and CEO of Tier Restoration, a company dedicated to restoring the indoor environment of homes and businesses experiencing water damage, smoke damage, or mold contamination.

Greg has spent most of his life working in this industry in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1970s, working in his father’s commercial cleaning business, in the 1980s and 1990s as a partner with his father in the Sears Carpet and Duct Cleaning franchise, then on his own since 2000.

Greg played his trumpet at Overton High School and the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and you can still find him playing throughout the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area.