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The majority of people vent their crawl areas in order to remove moisture. Rainwater, groundwater, and condensate can all enter your crawl area and then evaporate through the vents. It’s a good approach to deal with dampness in regions of the property that are prone to it, but ventilated crawl spaces are also an issue. Ventilated crawl spaces can allow mold to grow, provide vermin access, and reduce your home’s energy efficiency. It is for these reasons that sealed crawl spaces are becoming more effective and popular.

Encapsulation of Crawl Space

Crawl space encapsulation is one of the most effective methods of sealing your crawl space. This entails coating the floor and walls with hefty sheets of white plastic. You’d also need a sump pump and a dehumidifier to keep the subterranean space dry and mold-free. Finally, it boils down to a dry crawl space, which has numerous advantages! Let us investigate.

The Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Improved Structural Integrity

When you have a moist crawl area, it undermines the foundation of your home. This is why gutter systems are designed to divert water away from the house. However, having a gutter system is pointless if the crawl area is constantly soaked. Crawl space encapsulation can help prevent structural problems if you keep the soil that supports your foundation dry.

Enhanced Energy Savings

Adding insulation and air conditioning to your crawl area can help you save money on electricity. When you choose crawl space encapsulation, you should immediately feel a change. In the summer, it is much more difficult to cool your home if the crawl area is packed with hot air that remains humid. When the damp air from the crawl space is removed, your air conditioning system should be able to perform better and more efficiently, keeping your home at the proper temperature all year.

Less pests and mold

Mold and mildew thrive in wet crawl spaces, so if you want to keep them at bay, make sure your crawl space is dry and free of moisture. Mildew can easily spread throughout the house if it grows in the crawl space. It not only leaves mildew streaks everywhere, but it also rots wood, which can be tough to remove. Termites, which are attracted to moist wood, can also cause havoc. With crawl space encapsulation, you can keep moisture, mold, and vermin out of your crawl space.

Crawl space encapsulation can save you a lot of money on energy costs and repairs. Calling the proper pros to come and make it happen for you will ensure that you receive the crawl space waterproofing that you require. Get a free estimate by call us at 615-412-0172.

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