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Crawl Space Encapsulation Tips

Sump Pump Vapor barrier

Crawl space encapsulation tips can help reverse moisture problems. Up to 50% of a household’s indoor air may originate and flow upwards from the home’s underground crawlspace. Many homeowners are unaware that moisture and water vapor can enter into a crawlspace from the ground itself. This is true even when the water vapor must travel through […]

Does Your Vapor Barrier Need Replacing?

Most homes in the area rely on crawlspaces to provide extra storage space and a place to vent air and heating units. Excess moisture within the crawlspace can cause many undesirable conditions. If the area inside the crawlspace is damp, humid and lacks proper air circulation, the crawlspace could also begin to harbor mold. If […]

The Need for Crawl Space Maintenance and Repair Nashville

Homes that lack a true basement, or even the typical slab foundation, often have a crawlspace area instead. This space lies between the underneath layer of the home’s floor and the actual ground. The crawlspace allows the homeowner, or an authorized contractor, to get into the home’s electrical wires, gas supply and plumbing system. Most […]

Common Causes of Crawl Space Water Damage Repair

There are times when moisture invades a crawlspace area. Many Nashville area homes feature a crawlspace instead of the usual basements found in other regions. If moisture is left in this sub-floor home space, the result could be significant water damage and possible unwanted mold growth. A variety of reasons can result in too much […]

Problems In Crawl Spaces Nashville TN

Excess moisture is probably the biggest problem frequently found in crawl spaces. This area is built below the house floor and on top of the underneath ground. Nashville and other nearby regions typically experience hot and humid weather during the summer months. Additionally, crawl spaces are where the home’s extensive airflow ventilation duct work ends up. […]

Safety Regulations for Crawl Spaces

Anyone hired to work on a crawl space needs to be up-to-date on the current OSHA regulations. The Occupational Safety and Hazard Act dictates health and safety rules for contractors, builders and perhaps technicians that work in these environments. These new regulations might cause increases in typical costs related to crawl space cleanup, repair of water and/or mold […]