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Common Causes of Crawl Space Water Damage Repair

common causes of crawl space water damage repairThere are times when moisture invades a crawlspace area. Many Nashville area homes feature a crawlspace instead of the usual basements found in other regions. If moisture is left in this sub-floor home space, the result could be significant water damage and possible unwanted mold growth. A variety of reasons can result in too much moisture inside of a crawlspace. This includes water or melted snow from area storms, local flooding, lawn sprinkler system seepage, yard runoff water drainage and indoor plumbing events like burst water pipes, backed up sewer lines or a leaking washing machine or water heater.

These common causes of crawl space water damage should be immediately repaired by an experienced, professional, water damage crawlspace remediation company. At Crawlspace Makeovers, our team can inspect your crawlspace, determine the important causative factors for the moisture and/or mold and repair the water damage results and many causative factors at affordable costs. Our phenomenal and technologically advanced vapor barrier system is installed easily without punching drill holes into your foundation.

Our convenient vapor barrier offers homeowners an effective protective measure that can prevent future moisture and/or mold problems. Many homes with crawlspaces use that area for home ventilation. Since there is cooled air being returned to a hot and humid space, water pipes, sewer lines and ventilation ducts from the home’s heating and cooling units can develop outer condensation. This is a very common problem of crawlspace moisture. Our services can eliminate this issue with the installation of powerful fans that can suck out humid air.

Homeowners can trust that our crawlspace water damage remediation services will remedy their problems swiftly. Our qualified water remediation specialists can offer other crawlspace water damage repair and preventative advice. Call for a free-of-charge inspection at 615-371-5355. View informative blog articles at

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Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis is the founder and CEO of Tier Restoration, a company dedicated to restoring the indoor environment of homes and businesses experiencing water damage, smoke damage, or mold contamination.

Greg has spent most of his life working in this industry in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1970s, working in his father’s commercial cleaning business, in the 1980s and 1990s as a partner with his father in the Sears Carpet and Duct Cleaning franchise, then on his own since 2000.

Greg played his trumpet at Overton High School and the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and you can still find him playing throughout the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area.