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Crawl space encapsulation tips can help reverse moisture problems. Up to 50% of a household’s indoor air may originate and flow upwards from the home’s underground crawlspace. Many homeowners are unaware that moisture and water vapor can enter into a crawlspace from the ground itself. This is true even when the water vapor must travel through cement.

This added moisture will then affect the home’s entire indoor air quality. That moisture may also cause higher energy bills as the home’s heating and air conditioning system must work double time to keep up with the workload.

Understanding the Negative Impact of Crawlspace Moisture

Homeowners will need to correct the moisture problem in the crawlspace and keep the area’s humidity under control to prevent water and possibly mold damage from occurring in the home’s foundation structures and beyond.

More homeowners today are encapsulating their crawlspace in order to prevent the transfer of moisture and water vapor from the surrounding ground soil into the crawlspace and into the living areas of the home.

Read on for some practical and helpful crawlspace encapsulation tips from our team of experienced crawlspace renovation experts.

What Does a Crawlspace Encapsulation Process Mean?

The encapsulation of a crawlspace is a process that either seals a portion of the space or completely covers and moisture proofs the entire crawlspace by installing a heavy-duty moisture barrier sheet of strong polyethylene to all crawlspace foundation walls, floors and often the ceiling.

When to Consider Crawlspace Encapsulation

There are a number of situations when homeowners should seriously consider having their crawlspace encapsulated to form an effective moisture barrier and then regulate the space’s humidity levels. These include:

  • Presence of mold or mildew
  • Rank musty smell
  • “Sweating” windows
  • High cooling/energy bills
  • Soft spongy floors that may be separating
  • Insect problems
  • Damp insulation

Known Benefits of Making a Water Barrier in Crawlspace

Consider these compelling benefits of crawlspace encapsulation tips:

  • Creates environment insects won’t find suitable
  • Dramatically improves indoor air quality
  • Prevents mold/mildew growth & avoids structure/foundation damages
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Creates comfortable living environment

How it Works

Assess your crawlspace for signs of moisture/mold problems and repair. Clean out the space to prevent punctures/rips to barrier. Measure walls, floors and ceiling. Cut barrier larger to overlap. Seal completely with tape. Install dehumidifier.

Call for details on our vapor barrier system. Access for more crawl space encapsulation tips.

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