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Crawlspace Economy Makeover Nashville

The Crawlspace Conditioner solution is simple, economical, and effective.

The last thing you want to do when you are selling your house is to spend a bunch of money on the crawlspace, but sometimes it can make the difference in a sale or no sale. You don’t want to risk wasting money doing it over, nor do you want the liability of a lawsuit coming back on you after the sale. On the other hand, you don’t want to install a top-of-the-line solution the buyer may not even appreciate.

To address your situation, Crawlspace Makeovers has developed the Crawlspace Economy Makeover. The Crawlspace Economy Makeover is the cheaper, low budget, economical solution to mold in the crawlspace.

The features of the Economy Makeover are:

  • The crawlspace is contained from the living space of your house
  • The crawlspace mold is physically removed by HEPA vacuuming, wiping and sanding
  • fungicidal wood treatment is used to clean the wood
  • 10 mil polyethylene vapor barrier installed on 100% of the ground in the crawlspace
  • 3rd party post remediation verification (PRV) with testing and photos

The benefits to the Economy Makeover are:

  • No mold spores will contaminate your home during the remediation process
  • The mold is removed from the surface and will pass any visual or lab inspection
  • A one year warranty can be transferred to the new owner
  • A new vapor barrier will prohibit additional ground humidity from entering the crawlspace
  • The 3rd party PRV ensures a professional job with documentation and no liability after the sale

The cost of the Economy Makeover (square foot is the “foot print” of the crawlspace):

  • $2.00 to $3.00  per square foot for mold removal and treatment of the surfaces depending on the degree of contamination, height or clearance, etc.
  • Additional charges may apply to options you may choose, such as third party testing, the type of  preventative coating applied and the warranty, the type of vapor barrier installed, debris removal, drying, grading or excavating, etc

If you can find a less expensive solution, you need to compare the features and benefits to evaluate how important they are to you.

Be aware, the application by a company of any microbial product for killing or prohibiting mold or fungus growth requires a C-14 license from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

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