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Crawlspace Encapsulation is Good for Your Home in Many Ways

Crawl Space Encapsulation is Good For Your Home in Many Ways
Crawlspace Vapor Barrier installed

The area underneath a home between the lower floor and the ground is called the crawlspace– so aptly named because there is only enough room to crawl around in that area.

The crawlspace is an important part of your home, but is often not thought of frequently. A good bit of air from the crawlspace makes its way into our homes, which makes taking great care of this area important for all homeowners.

If there are any moisture problems, that can contribute to mold growth, which will impact the indoor air quality.

Crawlspace encapsulation is the best way to prevent moisture, mold, and pest issues underneath your home. The process of crawlspace encapsulation involves covering the entire area with a water vapor barrier and adding insulation to the walls.

Encapsulating this space is protective of your entire home and can offer many benefits, including:

  • Protecting your home from mold and mildew
  • Helping improve the indoor air quality of your home
  • Preventing water damage that can affect the structural integrity of your home
  • Promoting energy efficiency and lowering your energy bills
  • Reducing pests entering your home
  • Offering safe storage space once fully encapsulated

At Carolina Crawlspace Pros, we offer crawlspace encapsulation in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We have over 30 years of experience, and we bring that experience and expertise to every job.

We strive to protect your home with quality work. Our team offers a transferable home warranty on all encapsulation jobs, instilling confidence in our work for yourself and potential future buyers.

If you would like to learn more about our crawlspace encapsulation services and how they benefit your home, reach out to us. We offer a free consultation and quote for homeowners. Give us a call today with any questions and to schedule with our skilled, experienced team!

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Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis is the founder and CEO of Tier Restoration, a company dedicated to restoring the indoor environment of homes and businesses experiencing water damage, smoke damage, or mold contamination.

Greg has spent most of his life working in this industry in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1970s, working in his father’s commercial cleaning business, in the 1980s and 1990s as a partner with his father in the Sears Carpet and Duct Cleaning franchise, then on his own since 2000.

Greg played his trumpet at Overton High School and the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and you can still find him playing throughout the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area.