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Most homes in the area rely on crawlspaces to provide extra storage space and a place to vent air and heating units. Excess moisture within the crawlspace can cause many undesirable conditions. If the area inside the crawlspace is damp, humid and lacks proper air circulation, the crawlspace could also begin to harbor mold. If left untreated, the excess moisture and/or mold infestation can damage more than just the vapor barrier. The foundation of the crawlspace can develop into rot and structural decay. Contact us immediately for a thorough and professional crawlspace inspection to determine the best course of action that can include a crawlspace makeover to fix the damage.

It is critical to determine the type of debris, dirt and damage within your crawlspace area to ensure that the problem is repaired properly. Some common causes of a damaged crawlspace barrier include the following:

  • Tears or holes to the protective moisture barrier
  • Adhesion issues with regards to taped barrier seams
  • Excessive movement of crawlspace stored items like sharp edges able to tear or poke holes in the barrier material
  • Damage when doing crawlspace area plumbing or electrical work including maintenance

If any of the above situations has caused intensive damage to your crawlspace’s moisture barrier, consider replacing that barrier entirely with a stronger and more efficient crawlspace barrier that is made from puncture and tear resistant material.

Remember that the installation of fiberglass insulation does not protect the crawlspace from moisture seepage or mold infestation even if this barrier is behind that fiberglass. Small puncture holes makes the barrier ineffective in proper protection capabilities. Using the wrong tape can result in tears along the seams, and rodents can do major damage too.

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