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How Crawlspace Encapsulation in Nashville Works and How It Benefits Homeowners

crawl space encapsulated in nashville

A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is used to completely enclose the crawlspace in crawlspace encapsulation Nashville. The method entails completely closing your crawlspace by sealing the foundation vents, covering the floor, and insulating the foundation walls. While crawlspace encapsulation has numerous advantages, it is not a project for do-it-yourselfers or novices. The experts at Crawlspace Makeover are the most experienced and skilled crawlspace repair contractors in Nashville, TN.

Controlling Humidity
Crawlspace encapsulation aids in humidity control. Humidity control has numerous advantages. It protects the foundation, walls, and ventilation systems of your property. Mold and dust mite allergens grow in damp environments. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps mold and dust mites at bay by limiting excess moisture. This is fantastic news for persons with asthma and other respiratory disorders who have a hard time coping with mold. Encapsulating the crawlspace also protects the hardwood flooring by managing excessive moisture.

Pests and Molds
Mold and bugs thrive in moist, humid environments like crawlspaces. Pests and molds can cause major harm to a property, even if most of us are unaware of it. Although most people are aware of mold’s awful musty odor, few are aware that excessive moisture and bugs can cause the wood elements of your foundation to deteriorate. It is difficult to undo these harms once they have occurred. Wood decay, in turn, can lead to termite infestation, which can cost a lot of money to fix. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps the basement dry, preventing the growth of mold and pests.

Efficiency in Energy
When heating and cooling systems are exposed to persistently humid conditions, they perform poorly. They will begin to expend more energy in order to complete their tasks properly. Your electricity expenses will rise as a result of this. Excessive humidity is removed with crawlspace encapsulation from Crawlspace Makeover, and your home’s air and heating systems are more energy efficient. Your electricity expenses will be significantly reduced as a result of this.

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Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis is the founder and CEO of Tier Restoration, a company dedicated to restoring the indoor environment of homes and businesses experiencing water damage, smoke damage, or mold contamination.

Greg has spent most of his life working in this industry in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1970s, working in his father’s commercial cleaning business, in the 1980s and 1990s as a partner with his father in the Sears Carpet and Duct Cleaning franchise, then on his own since 2000.

Greg played his trumpet at Overton High School and the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and you can still find him playing throughout the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area.