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The Most Effective Option
This crawl space design incorporates all of the beneficial aspects of the other crawl space designs while excluding the negative aspects. A conditioned crawl area becomes a part of the home, eventually leaving the outside out and going above and beyond the other possibilities to create a healthy, comfortable home.

Efficient use of energy

Adding conditioned air (heated, cooled, or dehumidified) to the crawl space will aid in maintaining the correct temperature within the home’s envelope. The new clean, dry, insulated, and conditioned crawl space will keep the home’s floors warmer in the winter and eliminate foul odors in the summer. The ductwork in the crawl space will no longer be subjected to the extreme temperature variations that it was previously subjected to in the open crawl space. This change alone will shorten the furnace’s heating cycle and warm your home faster. In the summer, the home can use the free cold air in the crawl space to relieve the strain on the air conditioner.

Improved Air Quality

When the crawl area is cleaned and finished, your home will no longer be exposed to the toxic air that had previously leaked into it. The wood structure will be protected as if it were in a basement by circulating air on all levels of the dwelling. There will be no incubator beneath the floor to worsen allergies or asthma.

Do-It-Yourself Project

The larger franchise organizations would have you believe that this “science” is far too sophisticated for a homeowner to handle on their own, and that it must be done by a professional. In truth, that is completely false. Our SilverBackTM products have been installed by husband and wife pairs, single parents, and even homeowners as young as 71 in recent years. We are available to assist with all phases of the project, including design, layout, material estimates, answering inquiries, technical assistance, and problem solving.


If done correctly, most homes can have a conditioned crawl room for less than $1500. A professional installation could cost anywhere from $4000 to $20,000, depending on the professional and the size of the crawl space. The difference is that you will save enough money for a family trip while also knowing that everything was done just how you wanted it.

At the end,

Don’t forget to include the most critical step, “conditioning” the air. Despite the fact that this project will never be budgeted for, don’t skimp on this step. After all, it is the purpose for closing the vents and installing the crawl space liner. Not conditioning the area after you’ve spent money preparing to condition it is like to not filling the pool with water after you’ve built it. Who would construct a swimming pool only to save money by not filling it with water?

Doing it yourself may not be your cup of tea, and we can help with that as well. We offer Crawl Space Inspection 100% Free. Contact us today!

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