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Excess moisture is probably the biggest problem frequently found in crawl spaces. This area is built below the house floor and on top of the underneath ground. Nashville and other nearby regions typically experience hot and humid weather during the summer months. Additionally, crawl spaces are where the home’s extensive airflow ventilation duct work ends up. This exchange of widely differing air temperatures often results in moisture condensation on the outer surfaces of pipes, vent ducts and other common crawl space structures. This moist, airless and warmer environment draws insects like termites that prefer damp woods.

Termites, other pests and outdoor rodents often get drawn into a crawl space, and these pests can do enormous additional damages. Many older homes have unprotected crawl spaces that leave the house open to invading pests, more ground water seepage and other undesirable conditions. Mildew and mold thrive in this sort of environment. Along with water damage, the crawl space can be further destroyed by mold/mildew growth that eventually destroys structures like wooden house beams, floor surfaces and other important structural items. If the crawl space has open air vents that circulate into the main living area, anyone inside could be affected by harmful mold spores that travel unseen through the air. This is particularly harmful to small children, older adults and anyone with autoimmune or breathing problems like COPD, allergies and asthma.

We offer customers outstanding options in our Nashville located, crawl space problem resolution services. Out topnotch team can accurately assess your entire crawl space without charge, and they can relay informative advice on how to remedy each unique crawl space’s particular problems. An exterminator might be necessary if pests are found, and our contractors can safely extract water and mold. We also offer terrific prevention service choices. Visit Phone 615-371-5355.

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