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Anyone hired to work on a crawl space needs to be up-to-date on the current OSHA regulations. The Occupational Safety and Hazard Act dictates health and safety rules for contractors, builders and perhaps technicians that work in these environments. These new regulations might cause increases in typical costs related to crawl space cleanup, repair of water and/or mold damages. Homeowners that desire to perform the work without expert help should still follow these safety and health guidelines to ensure the safety of anyone in or near the crawl space workplace. Most homeowners do not have the necessary specialized equipment, protective gear and experience to get the job finished properly in a safe manner.

Customers can call our conveniently located Nashville office regarding any potential crawl space work. Our team has the latest training and techniques necessary for undergoing this type of job. We also have all of the highly specialized equipment and OSHA approved protective gear that can include full-protection cover-ups, safety goggles, shoe covers, headgear protection and filtered masks with respirators. The air inside of a crawl space could harbor dangerous and sometimes flammable gas buildups like radon, potentially harmful mold spores and other hazards including exposed nails and unsafe structural concerns.

Hiring a professional remediation service that specializes in crawl spaces is often the best option. Our dedicated team can ensure your family’s safety by testing the air quality inside your crawl space or attic. We can safely seal off air vents that lead into your home until the work is completed. Our reliable team can also install a more effective and safe air ventilation system. It is important to keep anyone not fully protected and trained away from the work-site to ensure their safety. Access, and browse our helpful blog section for further details. Call 615-371-5355.

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