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Homes that lack a true basement, or even the typical slab foundation, often have a crawlspace area instead. This space lies between the underneath layer of the home’s floor and the actual ground. The crawlspace allows the homeowner, or an authorized contractor, to get into the home’s electrical wires, gas supply and plumbing system. Most crawlspaces also act as the home’s ventilation area.

Another purpose for crawlspaces is to provide an additional protection space for water runoff in high flood-prone regions. This lower area will naturally fill with flood water and drainage overflow before the actual home begins to take in water during significant storms.

Many homeowners in and around the metro Nashville area have these sorts of crawlspaces in their homes. Some use this space to store garden equipment and other supplies not prone to moisture type damage. Crawlspaces are very likely to be hot, airless and exceptionally humid. These conditions are favorable for destructive mold growth. Many homeowners will require reputable Nashville crawlspace maintenance and repair services at some point.

It is important for homeowners to regularly inspect and repair any damage within their crawlspaces. Most crawlspace vapor type retardant barriers consist of just 4 to 6 ml of a thin and puncture-prone polyethylene material loosely draped onto the crawlspace floor. This flimsy barrier offers little true moisture/mold protection, and it is easy to puncture or tear by moving around storage boxes. Our extreme crawlspace makeover services includes a thicker, stronger and puncture resistant, virgin polyolefin liner that features sealed seams for a multi-layered, protective 15 ml moisture barrier professionally installed on crawlspace wall and floor surfaces.

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